Sylvaine Debs - Self Portrait

Born in the stunning Bekaa valley of Lebanon, Sylvaine has lived in France Switzerland and Japan before settling in London in 2000.

With a degree in International Relations, she worked in Finance both in France and London. Her lifelong passion was always drawing and painting. Growing up, when she was not painting scenes from her home country, she was seen around horses.

Her style is extremely versatile; she enjoys experimenting with new materials and is on a constant evolutionary quest. In more recent works, Sylvaine has been exploring more complex volumes in clay sculpture. She likes to think of her work as more of a craft.

She draws her inspiration from travels, nature, but most of all she has a strong fascination for the majestic power and kindness of Horses, representing them using all kinds of medias is a sort of homecoming to her.

She is currently teaming up with prominent designers to provide bespoke artwork for high end properties. Please get in touch for more details, or view some examples of her work.

Sylvaine Debs

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